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"No one drives my car!"

posted Aug 8, 2017, 6:58 PM by John Brenton   [ updated Aug 9, 2017, 5:07 AM ]

I have a rather interesting story regarding my 1990 Miata. 

My husband and I and the two kids moved from Toronto to St. Catharines back in 1989.  I had a job transfer to work here but my husband was commuting.   At the time we had a big 4 door gas guzzling  Cadillac.  It was at my suggestion to go out and buy a nice little commuter car, like a Honda Civic.   No problem he said he would look into getting a nice little Japanese import.

 A few weeks went by and one day he called from work to say his new car was ready and he'd be picking it up on the way home.   

 Everyone was so excited!  Then he arrived!   "What!  It's got only 2 seats and we're a family of four!"  I exclaimed.   "No problem" said Ron   "It's my commuter car and no one else is allowed to drive it."  Well that didn't go over very well.  ;(

 He was so proud of that car  -  touring all around Niagara   -  Everyone knew Ron and his Miata.   He took great care of it and stored it for winter  -  out it came in the spring.  Always drove with the top down!

 Well two and a half years ago Ron passed away!   What shall I do with the car?   Believe me I had lots of offers and my good friends, Linda and Jim, in the Miata club advised me to keep it, learn to drive standard and join the club!  It's been a real adventure and I know my husband would be proud of how I can handle the car.  I even let anyone who wants to drive it!   One of his cardinal rules:  "No one drives my car!"

It has 163,000 km on it!

I hope you liked my story.