High Performance Driving Education


If you are looking to improve your driving skills and get the most of your Miata MX-5 consider high performance driving education.  Recently, several of our club members attended a day-long "Introduction to Performance Driving" program led by Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy who operate at the Toronto Motorsports Park at Cayuga.  They provide excellent introductory and advanced-level instruction that is a combination of performance driving theory in the classroom and 1-on-1 time with an instructor in your car.  Throughout the program you are encouraged to improve your driving skills in a safe and controlled environment that challenges your abilities.  At the end of the course you receive an assessment of your driving strengths and areas of improvement from your instructor.  High Performance driving education is about learning to manage your vehicle at it’s performance limits. This includes understanding the physics that apply to a vehicle while driving (braking, steering and accelerating), learning what you and the car are capable of and the techniques in which to maximize a vehicle’s performance.  Instructors coach students in their own car to give them real-time instruction and feedback while students drive on a training course or on the race track.  Two main benefits of high performance driving education are increased situational awareness and increased car control. These are skills that transfer from the track to the street to help you become a better driver.   Whether you drive a stock Miata or have made performance modifications, you will enjoy a safe and enjoyable introduction to performance driving.  You will meet a great team of experienced instructors with a professional attitude and a well-structured approach to helping you sharpen your driving skills.  You also meet fellow drivers who share your passions for performance driving and motorsports.