MAZDASPEED MIATA Lovers Everywhere....

In 2004 and 2005 Mazda built a turbo model known as the MSM  (Mazdaspeed Miata.) There are very few of these cars worldwide and although there are no official numbers available from Mazda, consensus has it that there are only approximately 350 in Canada making it a relatively rare beast.

Michael Topping from the "Miatas of Muskoka" club in Bracebridge has undertaken to build, over time, a data base of these “go karts.”  To help Michael in this rather daunting task, the Niagara Peninsula Miata Club is publishing this information to spread the word to gather data on the Mazdaspeed Miatas. 

Any vehicle information and pics would look great on the Facebook page entitled MSMCanada.  Michael has created a Registration form to be used to create the data base.  There is also a website dedicated to the Mazdaspeed Miatas for you to explore. You may be assured that there is no “marketing intent” attached to this neither will any of the information be sold or distributed. 

Any effort that can be made to assist in this project is appreciated.  On behalf of the Miatas of Muskoka club and MIchael Topping thank you for your time.


2004 Mazdaspeed Miata (turbo)